Contemporary Korean Lounge & Bistro

          CLOSED ON TUESDAYS ( & major holidays )
          Dinner: 5 to 10 ( kitchen closes at 9pm )
          Lunch : Noon to 2 ( only on Saturdays & Sundays )
          2020 MURRAY AVE, Pittsburgh, PA 15217

Main Phone
 : 412 422 BBQ Party 2277 ) for Reservations & Pick Up Orders
Complaints  : 412 422 2272 ( direct number to the management office )

Green Pepper was opened on 10/10/10 by a newly-wed couple who had no business experience, with a beautiful but long story made short.    Although they were frustrated and didn’t know much, they practiced the one-and-only thing they knew, i.e. anything they would not do to their own personal guests at home, they did not do it to their customers at work with no compromise with reality.    Some of the obvious secrets included constant procurement of the freshest ingredients, and the customers’ overall long-term health they chose in every decision.

Without any paid advertisement, now Green Pepper’s patrons often stand in line before being seated when they could easily find many cheaper places.    It turns out the patrons, like yourself, can tell the difference from what Green Pepper does to refuse the cheaper ways.    It’s also apparent that you are trusted by many people you speak to, because more and more people are finding Green Pepper month after month.

In return for your support, Green Pepper continues its standards of health-consciousness, freshness, & ambiance for your quality dinner time, the same as if you were invited to the aforementioned couple’s heart-felt home dinner table.